Executive Coaching


Executive coaching is a key strategy for developing professionals. Exude’s approach to executive coaching is to meet you where you are, help you set achievable goals, and support you as you develop. We conduct an upfront chemistry meeting to ensure that you and your coach are compatible.

Our Approach

Improving performance and increasing self-awareness of your leader’s strengths, stress behaviors, and development areas, increases engagement and the ability for leaders to productively bounce back from challenges, adversity, conflict, stress and constant change.

  • Executive/Leadership Coaching

    Our Executive coaching program partners with executives to transform their ability to support their business strategy. The input of our senior coaches will help identify self-created barriers and increase your ability to effectively lead. We create partnerships in which you and your executive coach work together to bring positive change to yourself and your teams.

    Our executive coaches are highly experienced and extensively trained in working with c-suite and senior executives.  They have experience providing executive coaching in areas including but not limited to:

    • Leading organizational change
    • Supporting the business strategy
    • Developing executive presence
    • Effective strategic leadership
    • Aligning behaviors and organizational objectives
  • Management Coaching

    Coaching for managers and other organizational leaders will help accelerate new managers and high potentials in achieving your business goals. Our coaches will provide proactive and eye-opening input on how removing self-created barriers can dramatically increase your ability to manage, inspire and grow within an organization.

    Exude’s executive coaches will help managers develop in the following areas:

    • Developing people and teams
    • Developing leadership presence
    • Managing in times change
    • Managing conflict
    • Communication skills
    • Holding themselves and others accountable
  • Personal Development Coaching

    In this program, we use an integrative approach to help leaders make high impact changes to gain the energy, resilience, and presence to live well and lead well. We create sustainable change for leaders in all areas of life. We believe that self-leadership is a prerequisite to becoming a highly effective leader. This program benefits leaders in the following ways:

    • Increased levels of engagement and productivity
    • Improvement in the quality and depth of communication
    • Effectiveness in positively leading team/direct reports
    • More satisfaction in interpersonal relationships
    • Improvement in total health, wellbeing, and work-life integration
    • Ability to find productive solutions for dealing with stress, conflict, and constant change
    • Ability to authentically model health and well-being lifestyle behaviors for staff
    • Increase in sense of meaning and purpose

    Learn more about our Personal Development Coaching here.

Coaching Process

Exude’s customized executive leadership coaching program is designed to meet the needs of each individual participant. You will be assigned an executive coach who will use a range of tools and assessments that support your personal growth and development. Our coaches will help you and/or a group of individuals develop effective communication skills, address conflict, and meet organizational objectives.

  • Phase I: Intake

    The first stage is intake or preliminary data-gathering phase where we conduct the following:

    • Initial in person meeting with coachee(s) and leader
      • Background of the executive being coach
      • Identify key objectives
      • Review overall goals of the program
      • Set expectations
    • Initial in person meeting with coach and coachee(s)
      • Identify key objectives and set goals.
      • Set expectations and establish a schedule.
      • Defining success
      • Initial questionnaire and discussion
    • Completion of selected assessment (If recommended. May include one of the following PACE, DiSC, MBTI, Birkman)
    • Assignment of post session materials (homework)
  • Phase II: Coaching Support
    • After this initial intake session, subsequent sessions will be one hour weekly for eight weeks, then bi-weekly 90 minute sessions for 8-12 weeks. In these sessions, the Executive Coach and the client will:
      • Review homework progress
      • Identify successes and challenges
      • Assignment of homework based on discussions
  • Phase III: Final Session

    A meeting between where we review the coaching engagement and debrief how effectively goals were achieved, what the coachee is now doing differently and the business impact from these changes.

    • A discussion and written plan for sustaining the progress made
    • Identification and selection of training programs to attend or initiatives in which the coachee can participate
    • Providing feedback and evaluation the of the engagement

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Thriving workplaces have a strategy to create happier, healthier, and more engaged employees. Individualized coaching is complimented by an organizational approach to wellness.

Karla Chin
Karla Chin, Director of Total Wellbeing


We work with our clients in achieving their optimal organizational success by delivering coaching and leadership assessments that help your business and people succeed.

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