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Exude Human Capital’s training courses are designed to be engaging, meaningful, and relevant. Our solutions are interactive, and they provide learners with knowledge, skills, and confidence. The facilitators focus on practical application. Each session includes tools and resources that participants can immediately use to positively impact their workplace interactions.

Delivery Methods:

  • A training class includes one teacher and <25 learners who participate in a very interactive, hands-on experience that could be an in-person or virtual session. This is delivered using Zoom and includes individual, small, and large group exercises.
  • A town hall presents thought leadership to larger groups of employees. This lecture, led by an Exude facilitator, can have digitally submitted questions, has the option for a panel of your leaders, and is less interactive.
  • Exude allows clients to license training content with or without a train-the-trainer model. The license is perpetual, and you have the option to buy a training as it’s built, customize it and tie it to your organizational goals, or use pieces of our content to embed in other training.


Professional conduct tied to treating people with dignity and civility are foundational to maintaining a positive workplace culture that positively influences relationships and productivity. Employers are accountable for regularly setting expectations of professional conduct to remind everyone of their role in maintaining a work environment free of harassment to protect both employees and the organization’s affirmative defense.

Learning Objectives of this course:

  • Accurately define harassment including the various types of harassment.
  • Understand federal and state anti-harassment laws and how they are reflected in workplace policies.
  • List behaviors that unlawful harassment and the impact those behaviors have on an individual, team, and business.
  • Understand your role in promoting/maintaining a safe, healthy, and productive work environment
  • Understand communications protocols in place for escalation of instances of harassment.

We offer this to all staff, managers only, or combined with an added manager’s session.   

HR for Non-HR

People leaders are expected to understand the connection between running a team/business and staying compliant with employment law, employment policies, and processes. A manager/supervisor’s responsibility in using organizational tools is key to role clarity and successfully managing teams. This training uses real workplace examples to gain knowledge of employment law and HR best practices. The time is spent balancing an understanding of what they need to know versus how they can lean on an HR business partner in a way that is compliant, sets their employees up for success, and protects the organization.

Learning Objectives of this course:

  • Understand the role of the supervisor/manager and the importance of HR management.
  • Understand the key federal, state, and local laws that govern the workplace and how the implications for the role of a people leader.
  • Know the triggers to listen for and how you can proactively be attentive to behaviors, decisions, or situations that require immediate action and/or escalation.
  • Effectively leverage the tools and resources available to you to lead in accordance with the company culture, values, and policies.

Interview Skills

Hiring is one of the most important responsibilities of a people leader. Whether the candidate is applying from outside the company or inside the company as a promotion or lateral move, having a strong interview process is the bedrock for building success. This session focuses on how to conduct interviews effectively and how to manage the interview process from writing the job description to screening, to final interviews, and even making offers and dispositioning candidates. Through interactive exercises, leaders learn not only how to but also why in terms of what’s legal, what’s inclusive, and what’s equitable.

Learning Objectives of this course:

  • Understand behavioral-based interviewing and how it influences the interviewing process.
  • Write job descriptions that are inclusive of requirements and detailed with role clarity.
  • Understand what legal parameters are in place around what questions can be asked and why.
  • Design interview questions around values and behaviors key to this role is successful.
  • Build an interview process that is inclusive and equitable for candidates and teammates.
  • Leverage what is learned in an interview process to build a strong onboarding plan.

Custom Training

Our Exude Human Capital consultants are also able to create custom content and training modules based on topics and key themes you want your learners to experience.

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