DEIB Facilitated Conversations in the Workplace

DEIB Facilitated Conversations

Opportunities for awareness and continued growth are always evolving around DEIB. Exude Human Capital’s experienced facilitators lead meaningful conversations around topics such as race, gender, neurodiversity, and faith, to name a few. These structured conversations allow participants to expand their knowledge and perceptions beyond traditional classroom training.

Why Hire a DEIB Facilitator?

  • Expertise – We have a team of experts who have been working in the DEIB space for decades and have a real passion for facilitating meaningful conversations on these topics. They can bring relatable stories to share to allow for more dialogue.
  • Engagement – These can be deep topics that come with emotion. Having a skilled facilitator who’s an external resource can help guide the conversation and encourage engagement without judgment.
  • Mitigating Bias – Our facilitators can help point out biases and redirect to other ways of looking at things and appreciating different perspectives.

Exude Human Capital’s DEIB Facilitated Conversations

After a discovery session with you, we’ll provide recommendations on public domain articles and/or video clips based on the topic(s) you want to cover in this conversation. The expectation is that all participants will have read or watched them before this discussion. This facilitated conversation is recommended for a deeper dive after training. We recommend participants have at least had foundational training in the DEIB space before this, so there is already a baseline knowledge of the definitions and potential biases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we have participants take part in these discussions if they haven’t had any DEIB training?

We don’t recommend it. We believe it’s important for all participants to at least have taken foundational DEIB training so everyone understands key definitions and preconceived biases. We look at these conversations as the next level of DEIB training to allow the audience to take a deeper dive into their learnings.

How many people do you recommend per discussion session?

For the best discussion and engagement, we recommend up to 25 participants. Too few will intimidate people into being open and talking. Too many are hard to facilitate and give everyone an opportunity to talk.

What should we be prepared for?

These topics can come with a lot of feelings and emotions. We encourage everyone to come into this with an open mind, honesty, and no judgment. Management should be prepared for some people to ask additional questions, potentially require further dialog, and/or feel unsettled after the discussion.

Will these discussions be virtual or in-person?

We can accommodate you either virtually or in person. We may make a recommendation for one over the other depending on the number of participants, the number of discussions, and everyone’s location.

What is the consultant’s background?

Our Exude Human Capital DEIB facilitators have spent decades in the DEIB space working with clients in many different industries, levels, and sizes of companies. They bring expertise and experience that allow them to share best practices with clients. Our facilitators will create a safe environment to best engage and empower your team to have an open dialogue in a respectful way in order to learn more from each other.

What types of companies will Exude support?

Any industry, including but not limited to professional services, social services, education, bio/pharma, technology, healthcare, hospitality, entertainment, communications, manufacturing, associations, finance, and construction. We work across any industry in both for-profit and non-profit sectors in the US, regardless of size.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

“The executive and senior team members enjoyed your presentation, and as I was reading the room could tell they felt a connection with you. Looking forward to working with you as we walk the path of self-discovery and “aha” moments that help us all work together more effectively.”


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Working Together For You

Exude’s DEIB work helps you create a space where people can be their best selves and whole selves. We meet our clients where they are on their journey and provide the needed support to help them reach their goals.

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