HR Outsourcing

The roles and responsibilities of the HR function are constantly evolving. Each day HR professionals are being asked to do more with limited resources and budgets. We provide interim, ongoing, and project support with the right level of resources at the right time.

Interim or Ongoing HR Support

Many times, organizations look for additional or outsourced HR support during times of change.  When evaluating HR outsourcing, you must consider if you need a full-time person, project support, external perspective, specialized expertise, or even some part-time help.  We often support clients with HR outsourcing when…

  • You need part-time, temporary, or project support
  • A member of your HR team goes on unexpected leave
  • You have compliance and regulatory questions
  • There is a complex personnel issue
  • You have limited time but need project work completed (handbooks, updates to policies and procedures, compensation review, and/or employee communications)

Strategic Advisory

Exude Human Capital’s consultants are experienced facilitators of strategic conversations and plans. They partner with leadership to align key goals and objectives and to develop action plans for implementing the desired strategy. Our strategy advisory focuses on thought partnership and strategic planning around the areas of:

  • Talent
  • Workforce
  • Succession
  • Compensation
  • Performance
  • Organizational Design
  • Culture

Recruiting Support

Exude Human Capital offers a dedicated resource to support recruitment needs. We can manage the full life cycle of recruitment or support any phase of the recruitment process. Our flexible approach allows us to plug into an existing team or be an outsourced partner to the organization.

Services may include:

  • Full Life Cycle Recruiting
  • Support any Phase of Recruiting Process
    • Creating/reviewing job descriptions
    • Job postings
    • Defining a successful candidate profile
    • Sourcing
    • Scheduling interviews
    • Train hiring team on interviewing compliance and documentation
    • Managing candidate experience
    • Update and disposition candidates in the applicant tracking system
    • Reference checking
    • Negotiating offers
  • Recruitment Process Assessments

Exude’s HR Outsourcing Solutions include:

  • General HR Support – Onsite and Remote

    General HR Support – Onsite and Remote

    Need an extra hand to complete some of your day-to-day human resources tasks? We got you covered! We can work with you onsite and remote to give you the extra HR support that you’re looking for. Our HR consultants can help with an array of projects and we have experts in different areas so depending on the project or support your looking for we can match you with the best consultant.

    HR Administration

    Our outsourced HR Administration support is all-encompassing of several HR services including payroll, compensation, recruiting & staffing, performance and training, labor relations, employment benefits and organizational development.

  • Compliance and Record Keeping

    With compliance requirements continually changing, it is important to ensure you are abreast of the latest mandates relative to your organization. Our HR Consultants will work with your organization to make sure you are up to date with the latest compliance and record keeping changes. We can do small projects like an employee handbook or work with you to set-up best practice HR record keeping.

  • On-Boarding and New Hire Administration

    On-Boarding and New Hire Administration

    A positive onboarding experience is imperative to the retention of your employees. Not only will we handle the onboarding, we’ll take care of the paperwork and administration that goes along with it. Looking to do a lot of hiring? We stay for a few months to get you set-up and ready to go with an onboarding plan that’s right for your organization.

    Employee Benefits

    Employee Benefits is one of the most important functions of human resources. Our consultants will help administer your benefits such as health, disability and other insurance; paid leave; retirement and income planning, and whatever other benefits you may be offering your employees.

  • Employment Policies & Procedures

    Employment Policies & Procedures

    At Exude, our human resources consultants will work with your key stakeholders to assess what you have and/or develop employment policies and procedures that fit your culture. We’ll write policies and procedures to reflect the tone and message that fits your culture and resonates with your people.

    Employee Handbooks

    Our HR Consultants take a holistic approach to evaluating, creating, revising, and implementing your employee handbook. Our goal is to create a sound and compliant HR infrastructure with policies that support growth for your business and culture.

  • Employee Relations & Communications

    Employee Relations & Communications

    Our HR Consultants will offer consultation, facilitation, and resolution strategies for workplace issues. They will work on communication between employees and supervisors and help with disciplinary actions. Additionally, they will help with policies and procedues regarding employee relations.

    Training & Development

    We also provide outsourced Training & Development programs that provide learners with the tools and resources to support the immediate implementation of new skills with the goal of building confidence and competence. Our training and development programs include solutions for all levels of employees including executive leadership, supervisory and management, and all staff.

  • HRIS Implementation, Support and Optimization

    Exude will pair you with an HRIS outsourcing expert to help your organization define goals and objectives for implementing your HRIS system. They will work with you to create a strategy that aligns with those objectives. Next, together, you’ll map your business processes to technology solutions that align to your strategy. Your HR consultant will help you vet all of the appropriate technology solutions and work with you to select the best system for your organization. Finally, your consultant will implement and optimize all technology solutions across the multiple areas of your business.

  • Recruitment & Selection

    We’ll obtain a pool of potential candidates with the desired knowledge, skills, and experience and select the candidate who is most suitable for the vacant job position.

  • Terminations/Off boarding

    When necessary, your Exude HR Consultant will handle the termination of employees as well as off boarding them from the organization. This includes exit interviews and any other needs around the termination.

  • Job Requirements or Other Job Position Needs

    Your HR Consultant will determine all of the information including specific skills, experience, personal qualities, educational credentials, professional certifications, or areas of knowledge that are necessary for an open position within your organization.

Want to Learn More about Outsourced HR?

Finding your outsourced HR Consultant

With Exude’s Full or Interm HR Support solutions, you will be paired with a human resource specialist who is an expert in the areas of support you are looking for or a general HR expert who can help you in multiple areas. Your consultant can provide short or long term support and can work onsite or remote for as many days of the week that you need. We’ll make sure your consultant fits your culture, needs, and budget so that you get the most out of our partnership.

What are the benefits of HR Outsourcing?

Outsourcing your needs to an HR expert helps your organization remain compliant, saves time and money, and can improve overall company culture. Click here to read more.

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Working Together For You

We work with all types of organizations, varying in size and industry to uniquely design solutions that meet client where they are and help them get to where they want to be. Our interdependent approach to HR and Human Capital Management provides individuals and organizations with perspective, knowledge, tools and support to drive results for your organization.

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