Human Resources Consulting

Whether you sit in a scrappy start-up, a multi-product business, or a mission driven non-profit, what is expected of human resources, and by employees, is complexToday’s leadership is more and more seeing the correlation between belonging, engagement and discretionary effort, as well as noting how employee experience influences customer experience. HR is expected to deliver on that opportunity whether your HR team is a one person shop or a team of hundreds. 

Our Approach

Successful organizations require a strong foundation of people practices to attract, develop and retain the right talent. At Exude, we understand what HR faces every day; we are thought leaders and operators. We’ve worked with organizations of all shapes and sizes, and we know that the best human resources consulting solutions are uniquely designed to meet client needs. 

Our interdependent approach to human capital management provides individuals and organizations with perspective, knowledge, tools and support to drive performance within sustainable HR solutions. We see the core of what you are looking to solve for, and we also see how that relates to the rest of the ecosystem. 

Our HR Solutions

We customize our approach to meet the development needs of our clients. Our cadre of highly qualified HR consultants, with designations ranging from PHR to PHD, provide support in all areas of human resources consulting including, but not limited to:

HR Strategy

Create a road map to ensure your HR efforts are intentional and comprehensive. HR strategy prioritizes processes, culture, and investments in a way that activates engagement, belonging and discretionary effort.

Our experts are here to help you design or revamp your HR plans. We follow a strategic planning process to enhance your employee and customer experience, driving company growth. If you’re planning a return to the office after working remotely due to COVID-19, we can help you prepare a safe, functional environment.

Our strategy services don’t stop with planning. We provide guidance to help activate your plans, offering as much project management and interim support as you need.

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HR Outsourcing

Exude will match you with one of our HR consultants who fit your culture, your specific issues, and your real-world budget. Our HR consultants provide short and long term support in all areas of human resources.

HR professionals are constantly asked to do more with limited budgets and resources. Our HR consulting services can help you reduce time and money spent on administrative tasks so your team can focus on more strategic activities. We provide in-person and online HR consulting and support services to streamline and improve your operations.

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Compensation Study Consulting

We will pair you with a compensation study consultant who will work to understand your strategy and culture to ensure your compensation strategy is right for your business, employees, and fits into your overall organizational strategy.

As talent continues to tighten in this employee-centric market, compensation studies can help you attract and retain qualified personnel. Our compensation studies determine the market value of your positions, benchmark salary ranges, ensure internal parity and propose equitable manager salaries.

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Our training and development programs include solutions for all levels of employees. Our philosophy is that “one size does not fit all”; so we customize training courses to fit your organizational needs, culture, policies, and industry.

Exude’s training courses can positively impact your company as they:

  • Give employees and managers tips to mitigate risk and protect against organizational exposures.
  • Build a growth culture to create a competitive advantage.
  • Accelerate learning to change behaviors and improve results.
  • Provide the problem-solving tools necessary to handle difficult workplace situations.
  • Inspire higher levels of self-motivation among your employees.

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Performance Management

Our consultants have rich experience with Performance Management system upgrades.  We engage leaders of people as well as employees to understand what will resonate and then define scalable opportunities to grow individuals, teams and organizations.

We activate a PM system that integrates culture, drives inclusion and equality, aligns goals and increases productivity for your business.

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Our Consultants

Jai McBride Calloway

Human Capital Consultant

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Alison DiFlorio

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

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David Elcock

Senior Human Capital Consultant

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Kimberly Nash

Human Capital Consultant

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Dr. Shannon Mason

Human Capital Consultant

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Hazel Stanislaus-See Wai

Human Capital Consultant

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A Word From Our Client

Check out how we helped our client improve policies and processes, attract and retain talent, and boost employee morale through our tailored human capital consulting solutions!

Alison DiFlorio, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Human Capital Consulting

Human Resources Consulting

At Exude, we have a firm belief that when we help your people be the best versions of themselves, your company will be its best. Our integrated approach leverages our team of experts to improve your employee and customer experiences while driving greater business results.

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