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At Exude Human Capital, we believe an external coach can provide valuable benefits to increase performance and development for both the individual and the organization. Our coaches value the individuality of the person and the uniqueness of the organization where they work, appreciating that every leader has a different style. Our goal is to empower coachees (the person being coached) to reflect more on organizational expectations and leadership best practices, all tied to their values, so they can be the best leaders for their team.

Focus areas may include strategy, performance, team development, career pathing, problem-solving, communication styles, or a variety of other topics. Sometimes coaching is about the business, sometimes it’s about the person, and many times it’s both.

Why Hire an External Coach?

An external coach can create a safe and confidential space to view things from a different perspective, allowing the coachee to look at potential barriers in a unique way and identify creative solutions to break them down for a successful path forward.

Benefits of coaching include:

  • Self-Awareness – Allows for self-reflection and creates aha moments when the individual may not have seen themselves from a different perspective, including an understanding of frustrations (by themselves and others).
  • Accountability – Having an external partner challenge and hold them accountable provides an objective perspective where they feel they can explore new tools and methods without being fearful of performance judgment.
  • Balance & Growth – Promotes balance to identify what works best for both the individual and the organization while driving personal growth that both benefit from.
  • Renewed Purpose – Allows the coachee to discover a meaningful purpose that caters to their individual values and identifies what their motivators are.
  • Increased Effectiveness – Having an expert who has best practices to deploy can enable unique ways to view methods and solutions that can promote increased efficiency and effectiveness.

While many companies invest heavily in training and internal resources, there’s an increasingly compelling case for engaging external coaches to facilitate leadership growth. Read our blog for more reasons why: Unlocking Leadership Excellence: The Power of External Coaches | Exude Human Capital (exudehc.com)

Exude Human Capital’s Coaching Services

We offer coaching services for emerging, developing, and executive leaders.

Emerging Leaders – Coaching for emerging leaders involves personalized support aimed at developing the skills, mindset, and capabilities necessary to navigate the transition from individual contributor to effective and visionary leader. This process empowers emerging leaders to leverage their strengths, address challenges, and cultivate the qualities needed to inspire and lead teams to success.

Developing Leaders – Coaching for developing leaders or middle managers entails targeted guidance and mentorship to enhance their leadership acumen, decision-making abilities, and strategic thinking. Through coaching, these individuals define their leadership style, overcome obstacles, and amplify their impact within the organization, ultimately contributing to higher team performance and organizational growth.

Executive Coaching – Coaching for leading leaders and executives involves a specialized partnership designed to elevate top-tier leadership effectiveness. This advanced coaching focuses on refining strategic vision, enhancing executive presence, honing high-level decision-making skills, and fostering a profound understanding of organizational dynamics. It empowers senior leaders to navigate complexities, inspire innovation, and shape the organization’s trajectory with transformative impact.

We offer two different methods of coaching:

  • 1:1 Coaching

One-on-one coaching creates moments of reflection and action to drive an intentional focus and generate new momentum. The emphasis is on a dedicated and customized approach that addresses the individual’s unique needs, aspirations, and development areas.

  • Small Group Coaching

In some cases, clients select a cohort of three coachees with similar positions and no working relationships to allow clients to learn from the similar challenges each other is facing. Other clients will create a cross-functional team of three coachees so individuals can learn from the interdependencies of their roles/functions.

Our Coaching Process:

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the right coach identified for the individual’s needs?

Based on our discovery session of the desired areas of focus, we will recommend two coaches we feel to be the best match. The coachee will then have a 30-minute chemistry meeting with each of them and decide which coach they feel is the best match for them.

What is the timeline for coaching programs?

For optimal results, we propose a cadence of two coaching sessions per month over a span of six months. This frequency ensures timely, valuable feedback and support throughout the coachees’ journey. However, recognizing the varying demands of each individual, we offer the flexibility to tailor our coaching programs according to your preferences, accommodating adjustments as needed.

How is the engagement structured?

After the chemistry meetings and a coach is selected, we will have intake meetings and determine with the coachee and client what the objectives and goals are. Our assigned coach will then meet with stakeholders the coachee selects to get a better understanding of how the coachee operates. That will give our coach better insight into how the coachee is perceived by others and what areas of focus should be part of the monthly coaching sessions. Coaching sessions are all done remotely, typically twice a month. Once the initial coaching sessions are completed, the coach will then go back to the stakeholders for follow-up conversations and share a debrief with the client and coachee to determine the next steps.

What if we want to extend the coaching services?

We have found that there are some clients who want to keep extending the coaching conversations. We can absolutely extend the engagement to your desired duration. Depending on the goals, coaching is just like therapy and can be good for a period of time or an indefinite period of time. When people have an outside resource they feel comfortable with, they can continue their conversation and continuously develop. However, extensions are not required or always recommended. Our coach will work with the client and coachee to recommend the next steps and action plans that work best for them and their needs.

Is an assessment required?

Assessments are not required to achieve successful results in coaching. However, we can recommend an assessment if one is desired. Often, individuals get value from assessments that allow them to engage in more self-reflection. If an assessment has been previously done, a coachee may share it with our coach to review with them.

What is the consultant’s background?

Our Exude Human Capital coaches have very diverse backgrounds, having worked in many different industries, levels, and sizes of companies. They’ve worked with emerging, developing, and Executive/C-Suite leaders, bringing with them expertise and experience that allows them to share best practices with our clients. Our coaches will create a safe and confidential environment to best engage and empower the coachees to realize their full potential. That creates a win-win for individuals and the organization.

What types of companies will Exude support?

Any industry, including but not limited to professional services, social services, education, bio/pharma, technology, healthcare, hospitality, entertainment, communications, manufacturing, associations, finance, and construction. We work across any industry in both for-profit and non-profit sectors in the US, regardless of size.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

“This experience has provided a lot of fundamentals for me as a manager and in my quest to become a better thinker, leader, and co-worker.”

“Lots of useful, actionable insights and suggestions.”

“My coach was an incredible help to me in ways I didn’t even realize. He was validating, personable, and transparent.”

“There is tremendous value in having a confidante with whom you can candidly discuss career issues.”

“My coach was ultimately my biggest advocate and cheerleader.”

“My coach really listened to my experiences and concerns and gave me excellent guidance that allowed me to end up in a position I am very happy with.”


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