Human Resource Assessments & Audit

Understanding the effectiveness of your HR function requires an analysis of compliance, policies, practices, programs, people, and their alignment with organizational goals. Exude’s comprehensive, methodical assessments proactively help organizations identify gaps and offer actionable insight into your HR department’s performance and how it can improve.

Why Hire Exude for your HR Assessment? 

Some of the biggest benefits can be:

  • Expertise – Our experienced consultants and approach to assessments ensure we are asking the right questions to uncover the path toward opportunity or change.
  • Confidence & Trust – Having a third-party administrator provides a level of confidentiality and trust to enable gathering honest feedback.
  • Objectivity – We meet you where you are without judgment. As an external resource, we bring different perspectives to mitigate biases that may occur unintentionally.

Exude’s HR Assessment Services 

Types of assessments may include:​

  • Compliance
  • Infrastructure & Operational Effectiveness​
  • Organizational Culture

Analysis conducted via:​

  • Document review​
  • Leadership interviews​
  • System review​
  • Administrator interviews​
  • Employee surveys, interviews, or focus groups


Exude Human Capital’s compliance assessment is our foundational assessment that includes over 225 questions covering the major functional areas of HR (such as HR Administration & Structure, Recruitment & Selection, Benefits, Compensation, Training & Development, Disciplinary Actions & Terminations). Our research and discovery exercise includes stakeholder interviews and a review of systems, policies, and processes. Our findings and recommendations are summarized in a co-authored action plan.

Common organizational outcomes include:

  • Insights to leadership around developing compliant policies and procedures.
  • Implementation of objective, fair, and defensible HR processes.
  • Standardized record keeping that contributes to employee confidentiality and trust.
  • Mitigating organizational liability through employee communication & training.

Learn More About HR Compliance: Guide to HR Compliance (Challenges and Best Practices)

Optional Add-Ons:

Infrastructure/Operational Effectiveness

Our Infrastructure/Operational Effectiveness assessments are valuable for clients who aren’t sure if they have the right people in the right roles or the right HR systems. If they are considering hiring for HR but aren’t sure which position(s), level of position(s), or how to (re)structure the department.

Organizational Culture

Organizational culture is assessed through consultant-led interviews and may be valuable for smaller organizations where the Executive Sponsor wants to gather comprehensive feedback from the staff.

Frequently Asked Questions  

How much time and involvement will we need to put in ourselves?

We will need to conduct interviews and review documents and processes. That can include 1:1s, group meetings, and providing access to review processes and systems.  

What’s the process?

First, we take time to understand the current state. This step understands the history and context of how the organization is structured currently as well as the desired outcomes and reasons for doing an assessment. Then we want to study and analyze current workflow and practices. Finally, we’ll present a list of prioritized recommendations.

What’s the final deliverable for an assessment?

Final deliverables include analysis, findings and recommendations, and key takeaways for moving forward.

What is the consultant’s background?

Our Exude Human Capital consultants have spent decades in the consulting space working with clients in many different industries, levels, and sizes of companies. They bring expertise and experience that allows them to share best practices with clients. Our consultants will work with you on the best ways to conduct the assessment, some messaging recommendations, and what the next steps could be based on the results.

What types of companies will Exude support?

Exude supports clients from all industries including but not limited to, professional services, social services, education, bio/pharma, technology, healthcare, hospitality, entertainment, communications, manufacturing, associations, finance, and construction. We work across any industry in both for-profit, non-profit, and government sectors in the US, regardless of size.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

“I want to thank you for your guidance, wisdom, and support throughout this discovery, selection, and contracting process. And I am so happy you will be with us throughout implementation.”

“First, let me say how grateful I am that so many things are being revealed in our meetings. On the one hand, it feels a little embarrassing, but if we don’t look and learn we won’t make the necessary changes. So thank you for what you are processing with us.”


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