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Your human resources (HR) department plays a valuable role in your company’s success. Whether you have a single employee or a team of thousands, your HR department will serve as a bridge between your company and staff. Policies, procedures, benefits packages, grievances and more go through HR, so the department must always be on its game.

The best way to make sure your HR department provides the most value to your company is to have an HR competency assessment team. Exude offers HR Audit services for businesses in multiple industries. Our work offers actionable insight into your HR department’s performance and how it can improve.

What Is an HR Audit?

An HR audit is an objective examination of your company’s human resource policies and practices. HR audits aim to increase the value the department provides or mitigate risk. The auditors will collect company information, analyze what they find and recommend ways to improve various aspects of your HR department.

For the purpose of objectivity, an outside source must conduct the HR audit. This way, the audit will unveil the most information about what is and isn’t working, including some elements an internal team may overlook. During an HR assessment, the auditors will:

  • Confirm compliance with all relevant regulations.
  • Assess the quality of feedback your HR staff delivers.
  • Assess the competitiveness of your compensation or benefits packages.
  • Compare your HR practices and policies with industry standards.
  • And more.

HR Auditing From Exude

At Exude, we’ve spent over two decades performing HR audits for partners in numerous industries. Our HR support services have helped dozens of businesses uncover ways to improve their HR policies and procedures for greater efficiency, lower overhead costs and stronger workforce engagement.

When you choose Exude for HR auditing, we’ll do our due diligence to ensure we understand your industry’s finest details. Our researchers will learn about your market to discover common practices, policies and regulations. Then, we’ll visit your facility to analyze documents and record books, conduct interviews and see a day in the life of your HR department. You’ll receive recommendations and valuable information you can use to increase efficiency and comply with all relevant regulations.

Benefits of Working With an HR Audit Company

HR compliance audits and other similar assessments can yield a wide range of benefits for your organization. Work with Exude to:

  • Improve efficiency by implementing the best procedures for organizing important documents.
  • Train your HR team to produce the best outcomes.
  • Offer employment packages that retain and attract premier talent.
  • Establish a culture of safety and compliance with minimal risk of regulatory fines or lawsuits.
  • Lay the groundwork for a successful future.

Contact Exude About HR Auditing

An efficient HR department that implements the best procedures and policies can help any business reach its goals. Exude’s HR auditing services are here to provide the objective analysis you need to take your internal team to the next level. Our experts are available to further your understanding of how an HR audit can benefit your organization, so contact us online for more information.

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