HR Assessment

Understanding the effectiveness of your HR function requires analysis of compliance, policies, practices, programs and people, and their alignment to organizational goals. Exude’s comprehensive, methodical assessments proactively help organizations identify gaps and offers actionable insight into your HR department’s performance and how it can improve.


Exude Human Capital’s compliance assessment is our foundational assessment that includes over 225 questions covering the major functional areas of HR. Our research and discovery exercise includes stakeholder interviews and a review of systems, policies, and processes. Our findings and recommendations are summarized in a co-authored action plan.

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Optional Add-Ons:

Infrastructure/Operational Effectiveness

Our Infrastructure/Operational Effectiveness is valuable for clients who aren’t sure if they have the right people in the right roles or the right HR systems. If they are considering hiring for HR, but aren’t sure which position(s), level of position(s), or how to (re)structure the department.

Organizational Culture

Organizational culture is assessed through consultant-led interviews and may be valuable for smaller organizations where the Executive Sponsor wants to gather comprehensive feedback from the staff.

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Working Together For You

We work with all types of organizations, varying in size and industry to uniquely design solutions that meet client where they are and help them get to where they want to be. Our interdependent approach to HR provides individuals and organizations with perspective, knowledge, tools and support to drive results for your organization.

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