Human Capital Management, Leadership

Employee Retention – Root Cause


A for-profit services firm based in Philadelphia with 2 additional locations in different states was having challenges attracting new employees and retaining top talent. They needed help getting the root-cause of their issues.


Exude engaged in an organizational  assessment to identify areas of opportunity to improve the employee experience and ultimately improve employee retention. The assessment included an employee engagement survey, employee focus groups, site visits, and meetings with key stakeholders. Our holistic approach allowed us to quickly get to the root-cause of the retention issue. Our findings revealed that to improve employee attraction and retention, the organization needed to focus on the following areas:

  • Organizational Employee Communication
  • Performance Management Process
  • HR Process Improvement including move to centralize specific functions
  • Professional Development for Employees


Exude supported the client in developing a communication strategy along with a prioritized action plan. Exude also identified and assisted with the communication and implementation of new technology to support a revised performance management process. Additionally, Exude delivered a management training program to build confidence and consistency for managers to deliver feedback and performance reviews. The root-cause of this clients employee retention issues was from the lack of frequent and clear communications and regular feedback. Making changes in these areas ultimately improved the organizations retention challenge.