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Culture, Surveys & Employee Experience

The use of data can be so meaningful to inform leaders of the current state.  Just as organizations have become much more intentional on studying the customer experience by listening to customers, now many organizations are doing the same tied to their employee experience.  This goes well beyond the annual 60-question all-you-can-eat survey, just like performance management should go well beyond the all-you-can-eat yearend review.

We have a series of proven tools that we’ve seen work with great success.  How we use them first depends on our listening skills to where your organization is at, and what you want to accomplish.

  • Strategic Consulting

    Managing the employee experience is part art and part science. We take the best practices out there and work to apply what are the right set of solutions right now for where your organization is at. The result is an intentional umbrella strategy that aggregates all of the micro initiatives into one macro strategy.

  • Employee Data Collection
    • Pulse Survey: smaller surveys that can be conducted in a regular cadence to trend data and the impact of changes over time
    • Comprehensive Survey: annual surveys that study data across a wide variety of topics and then analyze responses in aggregate as well as by employee segments
    • Employee Interviews and Focus Groups: the voice of the employee can be humanized and then studied in its purest forms with interviews and focus groups.
  • Project Management

    Whether it’s PMing the actual survey, the build of the strategy, or the work tied to the Action Planning, we have HR experts who also have great game in PM.

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Alison DiFlorio, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Human Capital Consulting

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We work with all types of organizations, varying in size and industry to uniquely design solutions that meet client where they are and help them get to where they want to be. Our interdependent approach to HR provides individuals and organizations with perspective, knowledge, tools and support to drive results for your organization.

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