Leadership Development Training

Our leadership training for managers and supervisors is designed to be engaging, meaningful, and relevant. Exude’s solutions are interactive, and they provide learners with knowledge, skills, and confidence. The facilitators focus on practical application. Each session includes tools and resources that participants can immediately use to positively impact their workplace interactions. Our training process is as follows:


All Exude leadership development can be delivered in-person or virtual. We have clients that take one module and work through their entire leadership team, and others that take a cohort through a series of modules over time. There are two basic types of training:

  • A training class is as approach with one teacher and <25 learners who participate in a very interactive, hands-on experience that could be an in-person or virtual session. This is delivered using Zoom and includes individual, small, and large group exercises.
  • A town hall presents thought leadership to larger groups of employees and has the option to be recorded. This lecture, led by an Exude facilitator, can have digitally submitted questions, has the option for a panel of your leaders, and is less interactive.

A key to implementation of new behaviors is tied to the role of the learner’s manager. Exude has pre and post communications that will be distributed to both the learners and their managers. This drives transparency and accountability in specific leadership behaviors.

Our Leadership Development Trainings include:

  • Fundamentals of Leadership Training

    Leadership is a choice and a style. Just as each of us are different in who we are as people, so too are each of us in who we are as leaders. This course focuses leaders on centering their leadership style around their own values and four specific behaviors: be self-aware, be well, be inclusive and be accountable. This interactive learning experience helps participants both discuss and reflect on why these four behaviors are so important and how they can increase their proficiency with each in a way that is authentic to who they are as a person.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Describe the characteristics of a self-aware leader and explore the impact that being self-aware has on self and others.
    • Describe how wellbeing supports being a productive and effective leader and apply leadership techniques that enhance wellbeing.
    • Describe how inclusion impacts a teammate’s ability to perform and create moments of reflection to identify opportunities to be more inclusive.
    • Describe how accountability is important in leading employees and work and explore the steps for driving clear expectations and the accomplishment of goals.
  • Managing Relationships and Conflict Training

    Conflict Resolution Training

    Teams that work well together have strong relationships and know how to work through conflict in a positive way. Organizations depend on leaders to help guide these relationships and to navigate change by managing differences of opinions. This interactive session is designed to teach managers how to leverage the power of relationships to recognize, identify, and manage conflict in the workplace. While no one model or algorithm will help leaders navigate them all, exercises designed around practical application will help leaders learn to act quickly, listen actively, facilitate future-focused conversations, and agree upon solutions.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Understand that interpersonal conflict originates from a disagreement between people.
    • Increase awareness as to how initial reactions influence the ability to influence others.
    • Allow inquiry methods to guide conversation before any judgment is imposed.
    • Forecast conflict by anticipating potential challenges and creating collision maps.
    • Apply a 4-step method for addressing conflict to architect a way to move forward.
  • Performance Management Training

    Performance management is all about setting employees up for success. With focus, communications, and support, a manager and an employee can collaborate on a system that defines expectations and measures progress in a way that is healthy for the individual and productive for the team. Every conversation we have (or don’t) or email we send (or don’t) impacts the employee experience. This course is about realizing the practical application of best practices in performance management, as well as how to avoid the most common traps.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Define the key activities and roles in effective performance management.
    • Describe the advantages of using SMART goals and cascading goals.
    • Practice the fundamental principles of engaging in coaching conversations to positively impact performance and proactively address gaps.
    • Balance the push and pull of performance management to teach others to self-assess.
    • Deliver formal performance review conversations as summaries of previous coaching discussions.
  • Managing Change

    Change Management Training

    We live in a world of constant change which can be both exciting and stressful as a leader. This interactive session is designed to develop skills and provide tools for leaders to effectively help themselves and others navigate change. The workshop will introduce leaders on how to plan for change, how to humanize the change experience by focusing on the why, and how to drive clarity by detailing new expectations. Change is meaningful and yes, it’s also difficult. Leaders who are successful with change understand both.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Enhance your understanding of a leader’s role in change.
    • Recognize common reactions to change and strategies to address.
    • Learn techniques for managing yourself and building resiliency.
    • Identify and apply tools to help manage others through change.
  • The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback

    Feedback Training

    Feedback is a cycle of communication that influences performance and engagement. Built on a foundation of trust, feedback can be a catalyst or an inhibitor. This session is designed to teach leaders the importance of giving feedback to others to help set them up for success as well as asking others for feedback to increase your self-awareness. Just as management can be divided into two elements (people and tasks), so too can feedback; it impacts results and relationships. This interactive class teaches practice techniques for giving and receiving both positive and constructive feedback.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Identify the benefits of delivering feedback effectively, frequently, and empathetically.
    • Understand the impact of timing and the value of using specific examples in feedback.
    • Prepare for feedback by differentiating between the focus on last time and next time.
    • Use the power of asking questions to check for understanding and teach others to self-assess.
    • Manage reactions to receive feedback by expressing gratitude and allowing for time to reflect.
  • Managing Virtual Teams

    Virtual Team Management Training

    More and more leaders are managing team members who are not co-located. This may be a blend of virtual versus in-person or a permanent structure. This presents different opportunities and challenges to managers. Whether you are new to leading a remote team or looking for new and proven techniques, this course will look at effective methods for building trust, flexibility, and accountability into your management practices. This interactive learning experience focuses on both the leadership behaviors and the technology/tools that make leaders productive.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Understand the opportunities and challenges associated with managing virtual teams.
    • Adapt performance management effectively in a virtual environment.
    • Leverage tools and technology to drive clarity and productivity.
    • Developing effective communication practices that drive trust, flexibility, and accountability.
  • True Colors of Communication

    Words have an impact in terms of what is stated and how the words are delivered. The complexity of communication has a significant impact on how a leader builds culture, engagement, and even productivity. This highly interactive training session is designed to help participants communicate more effectively and improve relationships in the workplace. Using the PACE Color Palette model, participants learn about communication styles and how to recognize when to alter their own style of written and verbal communication to meet the communication needs of others.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Use the PACE Color Palette to discover how communication preferences may impact relationships.
    • Increase awareness of our communication strengths and blind spots.
    • Create intentional moments to pause and reflect on how and why to shift your communication style.
    • Develop a personal plan of action to apply PACE to your day-to-day communication with key audiences.
  • Building Individual Development Plans

    As organizations grow, each of us are challenged to do the same. Leaders play a significant role in the development of others by valuing it, supporting it, and even expecting it. Leaders who commit to developing others will find how it influences everything from who they hire, to how they coach. This interactive workshop creates a practical approach to building Individual Development Plans (IDPs). It meets employees where they are at and designs a roadmap. The tools and techniques introduced in the training program all build off Exude’s IDP model of experience, exposure, and education.

    Learning Objectives:

    • Define the key activities in an IDP including the connection to performance and career goals.
    • Describe the advantages of developing from experience, exposure, and education.
    • Practice writing IDP activities that have intentional outcomes linked to what and why.
    • Balance the expectations associated with developing skills versus career development.
    • Build a plan that improves your commitment to your team’s development.

Licensing Exude’s Training Content

Exude’s approach to licensing training content is very simple and straightforward. We have training content in the following four categories: HR, Diversity/Equity/Inclusion, Leadership, and Wellbeing. For much of our content, the option to simply buy the training license without a train the trainer (T3) does exist.

The license is a perpetual license that gives you access to unlimited options. Meaning, if you want to use the training as it’s built, that’s fine. If you want to customize it and tie it to your organizational goals or values, that’s fine. If you want to use pieces of our content to embed in other trainings, that’s also fine. The goal with our training license is to empower you with strong content.

Exude is a mission-based organization that is very committed to growing access to training for small businesses and non-profit organizations with limited budgets. To learn more about our Pay It Forward Program that provides scholarships and in-kind training resources to organizations, please ask for more details.

Train the Trainer (T3)

Preparing your trainers to facilitate our content involves a three-day exercise. The purpose is to help develop skill and confidence in delivering training program in a productive and engaging manner. Our goal is to prepare facilitators to plan for managing all types of participant responses to stay on track and maintain safe learning environment.

We apply adult learning concepts to ensure that participants leave our T3 with the ability to deliver interactive training sessions. Our three-day learning process is built on our Experience, Learn and Deliver model.


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Leadership Training Outcomes

The outcomes associated with leadership development are not only beneficial for the employee but helps the organization strengthen their internal teams to achieve strategic business goals. Some of the most common outcomes cited by our clients include:

  • Increased communication between leaders and their teams
  • Strengthened collaboration and negotiation techniques
  • Increased self-awareness in leaders and those they manage
  • Awareness of culture and how it shapes behavior and perspectives
  • Employee growth and preparedness for leadership roles when they arise

The Importance of Leadership Development Training

Finding success in your industry requires the hard work of a talented, dedicated staff. Many organizations understand that technical ability and workplace culture each play critical roles in an organization’s pursuit of its goals. On both of these fronts, quality leadership is essential.

Your management team is responsible for helping employees perform at their best while perpetuating your ideal workplace culture. That means managers need to engage every employee effectively. Leadership development training teaches current and prospective managers to communicate with and inspire employees of all backgrounds and skillsets.

Through leadership training, each leader will expand on their strengths while targeting areas for improvement. As a result, they’ll be better equipped to communicate with employees, plan goals, delegate tasks and further your objectives.

Benefits of Exude’s Leadership Development Training

As one of the nation’s leading leadership development training companies, Exude can help your leadership team meet its fullest potential. We’ll help you strengthen your leadership team by improving the soft and hard skills that make them better managers. Send your leaders to an in-person or virtual session to see significant benefits:

  • Improve your workplace culture: Your leaders will improve as advocates for your company’s mission. You’ll see more of the office engaging in your desired workplace culture while striving to achieve your external goals.
  • Boost employee performance: The best leaders give employees the support they need for their best performance. Exude will help your leadership team inspire hard work and provide job-level assistance that improves outcomes.
  • Retain key employees: Employees feel more connected to the organization and its mission when working under an amazing leader. After leadership training, your managers will make employees feel like a part of the company’s mission and encourage them to want to be there to see its success.
  • Enhance office efficiency: Well-trained leaders see complex situations with clarity and find innovative solutions fast. Training from Exude will help your managers keep projects moving when problems arise and avoid costly downtime.
  • Mitigate risk: Your management team will further understand and carry out your industry’s complex regulations and proper workplace conduct. In turn, you’ll get ahead of the potential risks that could cost your organization time and money.

Get Started With Exude

Accelerating your organization’s success starts at the top, so pursue leadership skills training with Exude. Our online or in-person sessions will enhance your management team’s ability to lead. We invite you to contact us online for more on leadership development in Philadelphia or through virtual sessions nationwide.

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Working Together For You

We have a firm belief that when we help your people be the best versions of themselves, your company will be its best. Our integrated approach leverages our team of experts to improve your employee and customer experiences while driving greater business results.

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