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Exude’s HR Training Courses

Exude’s corporate HR trainings are interactive and activity-oriented and provide learners with the tools and resources to support immediate implementation of new skills, with the goal of building confidence and competence. Our training and development programs include solutions for all levels of employees, including executive leadership, supervisory and management and all staff. Our philosophy is that “one size does not fit all,” so we customize training courses to fit your organizational needs, culture, policies and industry. We then accompany these organizational trainings with coaching, which creates sustained retention by reinforcing learned outcomes.

Popular HR Training Programs Include:


  • Communication Skills

    Communication Skills

    Our communication skills trainings are designed to help participants become more comfortable and confident having conversations about situations that are limiting their success. Based on the belief that “The conversation IS the relationship” we have with others, leaders, managers, and staff have the ability to improve relationships if they can recognize when to alter their own style of communication with employees, co-workers and peers. This training program will introduce techniques to conduct conversations in a manner that engages the listener.

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  • Leadership Development

    Leadership Development

    Leadership skills are necessary at all levels of an organization to build effective working relationships and successfully lead teams. Exude’s leadership training and development courses are designed to meet the needs of the participants at their current level and give them the tools and resources to develop their personal leadership brand.

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  • Anti-Harassment


    Our anti-harassment training courses are designed to help all levels of employees understand their responsibility to recognize and address complaints and to lead in a manner that promotes a positive and productive work environment. Not only will participants get an overview of the laws governing anti-harassment in the workplace, but also reviews their organization’s policy and reporting responsibilities. Through discussion of real workplace examples/scenarios, participants are tasked with identifying appropriate responses and actions to take given different scenarios.

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  • Diversity & Inclusion

    Diversity & Inclusion

    Developing cultural competence is necessary for business success.  Our diversity & inclusion trainings are designed to build awareness and skill, and to provide participants with tools and resources to support immediate application of learning to create/maintain a respectful and inclusive workplace.

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  • Business Ethics

    Business Ethics

    Businesses with better workplace culture yield bigger results than those that do not. Our business ethics courses are designed to develop skills and provide tools for creating and maintaining a respectful and supportive workplace that brings out the best in your people, increases productivity and retains talent.

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  • Change Management

    Change Management

    Every day, companies face changes, such as launching a new system, process, or workflow or restructuring the organization. Exude’s change management trainings are customized to meet the needs of the organization and its’ employees. They help organizations lead change in a structured, thoughtful way in order to meet organizational goals, objectives, and missions.

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Training and Development Outcomes

Pursuing HR training for new managers or employees can benefit your entire organization, especially with the help of an expert training team. Here are some of the ways Exude’s HR training services can make a difference within your organization:

  • Mitigate risk: Your HR staff will better understand the regulations and liabilities your organization navigates. Their enhanced knowledge will prevent costly violation fees or lawsuits.
  • Encourage growth: HR teams will learn ways to support other employees working toward new goals while also accelerating their own improvements.
  • Improve performance: Each HR employee will develop new skills that allow them to have a greater impact on your organization.
  • Boost employee engagement: As the mediator between the organization and its employees, your stronger HR department will strengthen your team’s commitment to the company’s goals.
  • Develop innovative solutions: HR team members will be better equipped to navigate complex issues and find satisfactory solutions.
  • Inspire self-motivation: Your team will learn to look inward and take responsibility for their performance and growth.

Why Train Your Staff?

Your organization does what it can to facilitate a productive, welcoming workplace, but various outside factors can influence an employee’s performance. Workers balance their professional tasks with social, cultural and financial obstacles, so they need a reliable place to turn for help.

Strengthening your HR department will help each employee perform at their best. With Exude, your HR team will learn to help employees through complex situations. Our training sessions focus on improving communication skills, building cultural awareness, enforcing appropriate workplace conduct and teaching relevant industry regulations so your HR team members can make a difference. Train your staff with Exude to foster a safe, inclusive workplace full of high-performing employees.

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Employee Experience

Training your employees leads to a better employee experience. Let us help you survey your staff so you can know exactly where you are and know the steps to reach your organization’s strategic and cultural goals.

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Compensation Study Consulting

While you develop employees, it’s equally important to make sure they are being compensated fairly and equitably. Our consultants will understand your strategy and culture to ensure your compensation strategy is right for your business, employees, and organizational goals.

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Diversity & Inclusion

Creating a culture of inclusion goes beyond training programs. A comprehensive D&I strategy helps employees thrive and show up authentically while also increasing employee engagement and retention. ‘

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Executive Coaching

Help your leaders thrive by offering them coaching whether it be for onboarding, development, or transformation. Our coaching program will help increase self-awareness, care for the whole person, and propel new momentum.

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Learning is essential for growth. Individuals and organizations that implement training and development practices will propel their performance and the performance of your organization.

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