Benefits of HR Outsourcing

What are the benefits of outsourcing HR? Many organizations partner with human resources outsourcing firms to get support with all or some of their HR work, so they can better support their organizations and employees. There are many advantages of HR Outsourcing including:

  • Personalized, expert support when you need it – HR outsourcing ensures your organization receives the personalized support it needs, whether it’s general HR support or a specific issue. Your company will be partnered with an HR expert that matches your culture, needs, timeline, and budget. Having someone with ample experience manage your HR functions can ensure all policies are compliant with current regulations, reducing risk for your organization and saving money.
  • Allows leaders to focus on their business – According to a study, only 20% of leaders that take on HR functions internally feel confident that they can handle them without making a mistake. By outsourcing certain or all HR functions, internal leaders are able to spend their time strategizing and focusing on other goals. Bringing in outside help can create less stress and more free time for leaders, as well as provide a third-party perspective on HR needs.
  • Recruiting and hiring key talent – Outsourcing your recruitment process allows your organization to reevaluate your talent acquisition strategy to find and hire successful talent. A recruitment expert can effectively write and post job descriptions, manage applicants, prioritize hiring inclusive talent, and properly onboard new employees.
  • Boost in employee morale – By having a dedicated HR consultant, employees will feel more comfortable not having to go to business leaders with their concerns. HR consultants can also negotiate better benefits plans and ensure all policies are followed, leading to an increase in employee satisfaction.

At Exude, our HR Outsourcing solutions can be tailored to fit your organization’s specific needs. We will pair you with a human resource specialist who is an expert in the areas of support you are looking for or a general HR expert who can help you in multiple areas. Short or long-term, in-person or remote, we’re here to support you.

Did you know HR impacts these other areas?

Employee Benefits

Our outsourced human resource consultants recognize where your employee benefits program benchmarks against the competition. They will help you evaluate your current strategy and make sure it aligns with your overall organizational goals.
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Leadership Development

Leadership Development is a crucial component for all organizations and the growth of their employees. By recognizing where and when this training should be implemented, your human resources consultant can create sustainable impact.
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Employee Experience

By listening to where your organization is and what you want to accomplish, we can improve your culture and employee experience. We help you become more intentional about what your employees are feeling throughout their journey at your organization.
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Is your compensation strategy right for your business and employees? Designing and implementing an appropriate compensation strategy will attract and retain the talent you need.
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Alison DiFlorio, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Human Capital Consulting

Working Together For You

We work with all types of organizations, varying in size and industry to uniquely design solutions that meet client where they are and help them get to where they want to be. Our interdependent approach to HR and Human Capital Management provides individuals and organizations with perspective, knowledge, tools and support to drive results for your organization.

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