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Training & Development in 2019


Year after year, we continue to learn about the positive correlation between training and development initiatives and the effect it has on both employee and organizational performance. Companies that offer comprehensive training programs have 218% higher income per employee than companies without formalized training. And it doesn’t stop there. These companies also enjoy a 24% higher profit margin than those who spend less on training.

The impact of training and development is undeniable, but it can be overwhelming to decide what type of training is best for your organization. It’s important to focus your efforts on navigating the complexities of the current business environment, adapting your employees to business processes and practices, and preparing employees for individual growth and development. That being said, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most important training topics in 2019 that fall under these categories.


The goal of an anti-harassment training course is for employees to understand their responsibility to recognize and address complaints and to lead in a manner that promotes a positive and productive work environment. Not only should participants get an overview of the laws governing anti-harassment in the workplace, but this training should also review the organization’s policy and reporting responsibilities. The goal is for participants to learn appropriate responses and actions to take given different scenarios.

Communication Skills

Communication skills trainings are designed to help participants become more comfortable and confident having conversations about situations that are limiting their success. Based on the belief that “The conversation IS the relationship” we have with others, leaders, managers, and staff have the ability to improve relationships if they can recognize when to alter their own style of communication with employees, co-workers and peers. Techniques to conduct conversations in a manner that engages the listener should be addressed for an overall better workplace environment.

Leadership Development 

Leadership skills are necessary at all levels of an organization to build effective working relationships and successfully lead teams. Leadership training and development courses are designed to meet the needs of the participants at their current level and give them the tools and resources to develop their personal leadership brand. Through these training courses, all levels of employees gain the necessary skills to drive performance and prepare them for their next leadership position.

Diversity & Inclusion

Developing cultural competence is necessary for business success. Diversity & inclusion trainings are designed to build awareness and skill, and to provide participants with tools and resources to support immediate application of learning to create/maintain a respectful and inclusive workplace.

Not only will these trainings impact your bottom line, but will help attract and retain top talent. Did you know 68% of employees say that training and development is the most important workplace policy, however, due to lack of professional development opportunities 74% of employees aren’t achieving their full potential.

At Exude, we offer interactive, activity-oriented corporate trainings that provide learners with the tools and resources to support immediate implementation of new skills with the goal of building confidence and competence. We offer all of the training courses listed above and much more. Click here to read our full training catalog or contact us today for more information!