Performance Management

As part of your human capital strategy, your performance management process allows leaders to communicate performance objectives, identify performance gaps, analyze the cause of performance failures, and see the areas of opportunity for employee growth and success. Without a clear performance management strategy, there is often a disconnect between individual performance targets and overall business goals. As you work towards accomplishing your organization’s vision and strategy, we’ll help you improve your organizational effectiveness to get there.

Exude can optimize your existing performance management software or can help you create a completely new performance management system where we’ll help define your performance management objectives and the tools necessary to get there. Whether it’s an internal tool or complex performance management system, our performance management consulting provides the foundation necessary for you to achieve your vision, strategy, and overall organizational success.

Not only will we design and implement your system, but we will communicate the changes to your employees to make sure your performance management process is clear and effective. Below is an overview of the steps we take to ensure we are providing the optimal performance management solution for your organization:

  • Evaluation of performance management needs through extensive intake and understanding of your mission, vision, value and goals
  • Design of performance management tool or system that aligns with your goals and objectives
  • Training on delivering performance management for managers and employees
  • Communication support around new process and procedures to all employees

Performance Management Benefits

Not only do performance management systems help organizations with documentation, feedback, decision making, and performance evaluation for employees, but they also cultivate a system-wide, long-term view of the organization that helps align organizational activities and processes to goals. Below are some additional benefits of performance management systems:


If implemented properly, a performance management program can improve the performance of employees. Managers are able to set goals, regularly provide feedback to their employees, and give them the opportunity to understand what skills they need to develop. Feedback makes employees feel that their work is being recognized which will then motivate them to perform to the best of their ability. Employees can also view their progress throughout the year as it compares to their goals, keeping them both accountable and engaged.

Consistency & Transparency

Because performance management systems clearly track the performance of all employees, it makes it clear who the right employees are for raises, bonuses, promotions, firing, etc. This creates fair and transparent practices around this type of decision-making and helps with your organization’s overall compensation strategy.

Training Needs

Performance management systems make it easy to see which employees within the organization need training. It allows managers and supervisors to see areas of weakness which therefore allows them to provide employees with the appropriate trainings that will help their performance and therefore benefit the overall organization.

Financial Gain

A performance management plan provides a roadmap to get everyone in an organization from setting their goals to achieving them. With clear goals, organizations are able to determine the workforce and related costs required in order to achieve the overall mission. This type of planning allows for forecasting and helps managers easily track costs and the employees and activities associated with them.

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Working Together For You

We work with our clients in achieving their optimal organizational success by ensuring their strategy, culture, and employee experience are aligned. Our team includes individuals in their respective fields – however, the power of our deliverable is not in our great individual expertise, but rather when we work together as one.

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