Employee Engagement

Understanding employee engagement levels will help you create a better workplace culture and improve business performance. Employee engagement surveys help employers understand how motivated, passionate and committed employees are. Having information on current levels of engagement allows you to quickly learn, through direct feedback from your employees, what type of changes you should make at your organization.

Exude’s Employee Engagement Assessment provides clients with a baseline understanding of their organizations engagement levels. Our HR consultant will design and conduct an employee engagement and culture survey specific to the needs of your organization. The survey will serve as a benchmark for the employee experience and identify key areas of opportunity. Our Employee Engagement Assessment will focus on the following key areas:

  • Leadership
  • Trusted Organization
  • Trusted Individuals
  • Organizational Capability
  • Organizational Climate
  • Team Capability
  • Individual Capability

Employee Engagement Approach:

Exude’s Employee Engagement Assessment starts with survey questions that are specifically designed for your organization. We’ll also develop a communication strategy for pre and post survey launch so your employees are aware and included in the process. Once the survey is conducted we will follow up with focus groups to gain a deeper understanding of the initial results. Finally, we’ll prepare a findings and recommendations report from everything we’ve gathered throughout the assessment process.

Employee Engagement Assessment Deliverables:


  • Findings & recommendations report
  • A customized work prioritization plan specific to you based on findings
  • Optional partnership to implement changes & for additional support

Organizations that survey employees have a better understanding of what motivates their workforce to go the extra mile for them. With this information in mind, organization can alter their compensation, total rewards and/or recruiting strategies so that they are aligned with what motivates employees. Engaged employees understand their purpose and role in driving organization success. This leads to better decision-making, accountability, and performance. Studies show that organizations with highly engaged employees had an average 3-year revenue growth 2.3 times greater than companies whose employees were only engaged at an average level. Additionally, organizations with engaged employees recover faster during down-turns and setbacks. Engagement is a key differentiator when it comes to growth and innovation.

Definition of Employee Engagement

Employee engagement can be defined as how motivated, passionate, dedicated and committed an employee is to their work. Engagement is different from employee satisfaction becomes it measures how much discretionary effort they put into their work not their level of content with the organization.

Each organization should take time to define what engagement specifically means to their organization

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Thriving workplaces have a strategy to create happier, healthier, and more engaged employees. Utilizing wellness programs can help your organization drive engagement.


Marcos Lopez, Founder & CEO

Employee Engagement

Defining and understanding your organizations engagement will allow you to drive performance and innovation. You can begin by surveying employees directly to get a baseline understanding of your organizations engagement levels.

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