Dr. Shannon Mason Exude HC Consultant


Dr. Shannon Mason

Let's Think a Little Bigger

Shannon Mason is a highly ethical influencer whose work centers on aligning practices and values. A counseling psychologist by training, her curiosity about individual motivation and keen understanding of personal development has contributed to a successful career supporting organizations in transition and coaching leaders and staff towards organizational effectiveness.

Dr. Shannon promotes equity and organizational growth through a range of evaluation tools and methods.  Her areas of assessment and resulting recommendations encompass a broad spectrum, including mission articulation, organizational development and culture, strategic and transition planning, impact evaluation, resource development, financial sustainability, as well as staff recruitment, training, and team building.

Dr. Shannon’s experience includes 17 years as an organizational strategist and leadership coach. She holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology, a Master’s of Science in Education degree in Psychological Services, and a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Counseling Psychology.  In addition, Dr. Shannon holds a certification in Leadership Coaching for Organizational Effectiveness and is licensed as a National Standards for Excellence Consultant.