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HR Outsourcing & Consulting (Recruitment Process Improvement, Implementing HR System, HR Special Projects)


A global advisory board with a small Human Resource team in need of support during a leave of absence and time of transition.


Our first engagement with them was to manage their recruitment process after a departure. From there, they engaged with us to improve their recruitment process overall. Due to our recruitment success, this client engaged us for support around their global compensation and job evaluation model. As a global company with employees working in all different places remotely, they needed help with location and geographical differences. With continued success, they then asked us to help them with their system implementations as well as optimizing their performance management system.


Improved recruitment process resulting in streamlined time to hire led to additional engagements with this client that included a timely implementation of a performance management system with enhanced adoption as a result of change management and training. This all led to them asking for us to provide additional support due to a leave of absence within their HR team. The client has shared that we are their go-to for all things human resources. When they’re in search of a vendor to support their department, their first call is to Exude Human Capital.

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