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Compensation – Building Equitable & Competitive Pay Structures


A large national educational non-profit was looking to align jobs and conduct a market study across 29 locations across the US. Their goal was to be consistent, competitive, and equitable. The client wanted to build a framework for making job and pay decisions moving forward. They were trying to transition from a pay structure with 29 cost of living differentials to something that was easier to manage.


Coordinating with their project team, including representatives from across the US, we analyzed, benchmarked, and leveled all 125 unique jobs.  We then developed four regional pay structures, one headquarters pay structure (based out of a leading metropolitan area), and a technology pay structure.


Over a yearlong project provided an opportunity to enhance equity and clarity while educating project sponsors across the US. What they all learned in being part of the project team heavily influenced the organization’s confidence in making consistent job and pay decisions moving forward.

This client has recommended us to some of their other teams as well as additional clients.

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