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Supporting Your Employees Amidst Anti-Asian Violence



In light of the recent racist attacks on the Asian community, we have compiled a list of ideas and resources for employers to support their teams: 

Provide support  

Firstly, managers and leaders should check in on employees’ wellbeing and adjust workloads as needed. Remind them that they aren’t facing this alone and that your organization stands with them. Encourage employees to utilize their PTO and take time off if necessary. If you think they could benefit from mental health support, provide them with an accessible list of available resources. This can include licensed counselors and therapists, webinars, and organizations like crisistextline.orgReview your current policies and consider adding low-cost access to mental health care if you haven’t already.  


These recent stories are heartbreaking, and unfortunately, they are also part of a larger and often dismissed, history of violence for the community. Provide your employees with a list of articles, literature and other resources they can read to get a better understanding of the historical context and perspective into the experiences of the AAPI community. Encouraging employees to spend time researching and reflecting can help foster empathy and drive change. 

Prioritize DEI Efforts 

Your organization should identify a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion expert to help move efforts forward. This person may be an internal teammate, or you may have to bring in external support. Ensure your entire leadership is committed to DEI and that the expert will hold them accountable. Provide the expert with the necessary resources and support to drive sustainable change. Additionally, leaders should actively look for ways to elevate and uplift minority voices and support career growth.  Reevaluate how assignments are distributed, revise promotion processes to ensure it’s fair and equitable for all, and work to check your bias on an ongoing basis. 

It’s time to make your inclusion objective as important as every other business objective. We can no longer allow this to be put on the back burner. 

Take a Stand Against Racism & Hatred 

If your organization hasn’t already done so, put out a statement addressing the situation and condemning the violence. As leaders, it’s important to set standards of how to eradicate discrimination and bias and encourage the inclusion of all employees. True Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is about allowing employees to show up as their full selves and creating a culture of respect. Encourage employees of all levels to check their unconscious biases and ensure there are policies in place if anyone is openly discriminatory. Lastly, employers should consider making donations or matching employee donations to causes that take a stand against Anti-Asian violence. 


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At Exude, one of our core values is to fight for what’s right. This is not right. We urge our clients, employees and friends to use their voices, their influence, and their power to denounce racism towards Asian Americans and create peace, equity and inclusion for all. 

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