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Is Your Company Culture Aligned with Your Values?

/ December 17, 2021 December 17, 2021


Company values and culture go hand in hand when building a healthy workplace. Employees today want to work for organizations that place a great deal of focus on developing the overall company purpose and guiding principles to follow their mission every day. Ensuring this is the case with your organization can enhance everything from employee satisfaction to the overall productivity and engagement of members in your workforce.

Company Value Consideration

Examining organizational values and how they can fit into your culture is the first step towards alignment. Your culture should revolve around a set of beliefs put in place to navigate daily business decisions and represent characteristics in employees you find important as well. Not only is this crucial to building a strong company image, but also allows for potential employees to make a sound decision about whether or not they are a good fit for your company.

Integrating Company Values into Your Culture

Deciding how to incorporate values into your culture can be daunting, but they should have a place in every conversation. Integrating them provides a connection and drive towards positive change. Here are a few ways to consider implementing your values in your organization:

Team Member Recognition: When an employee in your organization represents one of your values in their work, highlight their achievement! Doing this allows for fellow team members to see real-time recognition of their alignment with your values, and encourages them to do the same. Whether it be a quick shout out in your next town hall or a brief message in a shared communication platform, the praise will be displayed for all employees.

Display Values Consistently: Continually displaying your values in useful ways increases exposure to them and further drives usage. One way to do this is through social media: spotlighting a value monthly and discussing it’s meaning to your organization is a great way to share values with customers and attract new talent. For a more personalized approach, doing a monthly series of featuring a value in team meetings is another option to motivate employees.

Incorporating Into Performance Reviews: As we wrap up the year and performance reviews take place, speak with employees about how their work is inclusive of your company’s values and how this can be done more frequently going into the new year. Workplace culture has a place in every employee interaction with one another and with customers, so ensuring that values are being constantly represented in your employees’ behavior is a sure way to vitalize them.

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