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How to Maintain An Inclusive Culture

/ January 6, 2021 January 6, 2021

Inclusion is the achievement of a work environment in which employees feel welcomed, are treated fairly and feel respected. Every individual has equal access to the opportunities and resources within the organization and they can contribute fully to the organization’s success. Creating a culture that values all employees and their backgrounds will help your recruiting efforts and ultimately your brand by positioning yourself as an open, accepting and encouraging employer.

An inclusive culture values diversity and creates belongingness, promotes mutual respect, and affords all employees the opportunity to learn and grow professionally and to contribute fully to the organization’s success. True Inclusion, along with Diversity and Equity, is something that every employee at an organization has a stake in. As you continue to focus on creating and maintaining an inclusive culture in your workplace, it’s important to keep in mind that inclusion is not a destination, but an ongoing journey.

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