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Don’t Be The Next Starbucks: Diversity & Inclusion Matters

/ April 18, 2018 April 18, 2018

As seen with the recent Starbucks incident, conscious and unconscious bias are impacting businesses nationwide. To create an environment of inclusion, organizations must train their employees,integrate inclusion & diversity throughout their strategy, and embed it into their culture.

Why invest in Diversity & Inclusion?

  • Avoid legal ramification of lack of inclusion and cultural sensitivity
  • Diverse organizations perform significantly better than their peer organizations
  • Excellent customer service requires service providers to be “culturally sensitive”
  • Grantors are asking about diversity in the organizations they give to (non-profit donations, grants, funding, etc.)

Exude’s systematic approach to cultural transformation will assist you with the assessment, design, and implementation of a comprehensive, strategic diversity and inclusion plan. We’ll also help you infuse inclusion throughout your business practices and through training programs designed to raise awareness and build cultural competency.

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