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Battling Burnout: 3 Things Employers Can Do to Reduce Workplace Stress


According to a recent poll by Gallup, two-thirds of Americans suffer from workplace stress. Burnout has become so common that the World Health Organization has added it to the International Classification of Diseases, and it comes at a cost to businesses. Overly stressed employees are 37% more likely to take days off, 18% less productive and produce 15% less profitability. Stress can be challenging, but luckily employers can help. As the new year approaches, here are three tips for battling burnout: 

  1. Identify warning signs – In order to prevent workplace stress, employers must be able to point it out. Check up on employees and keep an eye out for signs like customer complaints, coworker arguments, low productivity or inappropriate anger. While the stress could be from work, it could also be from problems at home and may require outside support to manage. Regardless of the source, the stress will affect your work environment and needs to be addressed.
  2. Invest in new software – Background checks are a great way to see into a potential employee’s past, but what about predicting their future? Automated, continuous evaluation software can do just this. These platforms can alert HR if an employee is having outside issues and if they need a day off or help to find resources. These platforms can even allow anonymous reporting, which can detect things like illegal behaviors, poor management tactics and understaffing. It may not alleviate all stress factors but this software can ease some.
  3. Create an open workplace culture – While tips 1 and 2 are important, the third one is key for long-term, positive change. The goal for any organization is to create a safe, reduced-stress environment where employees feel comfortable but still able to be productive. Perhaps this is done through a relaxed office space, new wellness initiatives, or encouraging teamwork amongst employees. To promote employee productivity, companies must focus on creating an environment that’s inclusive to everyone.

Mitigating risk and supporting stressed-out employees is critical to an organization’s success. When employers make changes towards this goal, profitability can increase by 21%. If your company is struggling with burnout or looking for ways to improve overall culturecontact Exude for a wellness consultation today. 

Source: BenefitsPRO