DEI, Human Capital Management

4 Ways Exude’s DEI Content Helps Create Momentum


Building an inclusive culture is everything. It defines what’s valued, what’s expected, and what’s rewarded. Whether you’re looking to grow the current team or looking to show your commitment to candidates and new hires, having baseline training in place is important foundation in building a strong culture where everyone belongs.

At Exude we believe for any team or organization to operate at its best, the culture must be safe and healthy. We’ve built our five core DEI training modules (Foundational DEI, Unconscious Bias, Allyship, Inclusive Communication, and Inclusive Leadership) with strong models for understanding and strong relevance for immediate application.

Exude’s DEI content humanizes the learning experience in a way that shapes mindsets and behaviors. We approach the work from the vantage point that we are all people first, and employees second. We’re proud to fuel the movement of equity at work. Our DEI content does this via four specific approaches:

  1. DEI Training: We have five modules which are offered as a class (<25 people), a town hall (>25 people), or a learning series (more than one module) all which can be customized.
  2. DEI Coaching: We have consultants experienced at the intersection of HR, DEI, and Leadership Development who serve as 1×1 or small group coaches for 6-month engagements.
  3. DEI Content: We have content that you can purchase a perpetual intellectual property license to as well as certify your in-house talent in a 3-day train-the-trainer (T3).
  4. DEI Playbooks: We have models you can use in the form of communication pieces that focus on clarifying definitions and expectations to activate more moments of inclusion.

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