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HR Compliance Assessment


A mission-based organization focused on public health rights is considering an evaluation of their human resources function. The client employs about 20 employees and primarily experiences “HR” through contract partners and shared leadership responsibilities. The client desires to gain clarity around HR compliance and the effectiveness of the function, including vendor relationships.


Recognizing the impact that HR has on an organization’s culture and employee experience, Exude recommends an HR assessment – focusing on compliance, infrastructure, training and development, benefits, and talent acquisition to the client. The assessment provides qualitative and quantitative insights on the overall health of the function.

To support the assessment process, we collected data through a series of interviews with employees, consultants, and vendors, gaining feedback on how the function is performing. We also reviewed documented policies and practices.

As part of the assessment, we used a standardized 100-question questionnaire evaluating eight key functions within HR, from administration to employee separation. The results of the survey provide an indication of which HR practices are in place and which ones could benefit from improvements.

We recognize that having actionable next steps is important. The specific deliverables provided to our client included a full compliance assessment report, a one-hour meeting focusing on detailed recommendations, and a prioritized set of near-term actions to consider.


Through the lens of an HR expert, the compliance assessment provided an opportunity for the organization to receive unbiased feedback on their HR function. The insights gained from the overall process, contributed to the development of a roadmap for how an organization can be even more effective. Equally important, the outcomes generated discussions and actions around continuous improvement, employee experiences, and organizational culture.

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