Women’s Series: Persuasion Made Simple

Persuasion made simple: Practical tips to amplify your influence

A set of universal principles govern whether or not people’s hearts and minds can be won. Drawing on her vast experience across every sector of the economy, Daria Torres will share a set of straightforward techniques and tools used by master persuaders. In this session, Daria will equip leaders with powerful frameworks, guidelines for handling adversarial or skeptical audiences, and insights from social psychology and decision science.

Daria Torres has been a top-rated lecturer for Wharton’s MBA and EMBA Programs since 2007 and is widely sought-after by leading global enterprises and nationally scaled philanthropic organizations as a strategy consultant and executive-level facilitator.

Learn To:

  • Structure your message to trigger understanding, interest and affirmation
  • Field hostile questions in a manner that advances your position
  • Convert your intentions into action, both with individuals and groups

Thursday, January 18th | 8:30-10:00am | Exude, Inc.
(8:30-9 registration, 9-10:00 presentation, breakfast provided).
Presenter: Daria Torres, Managing Partner, Walls Torres Group
Location: Exude, Inc.
325 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106
Suite 1000