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Who’s Supporting HR?

/ September 13, 2021 September 13, 2021


Throughout the last year there have been major changes in our business world. As the Covid-19 pandemic swept across the globe it had lingering effects on not only the physical well-being of employees, but also the mental health of today’s workforce. And where do you turn when you’re in a crisis at work? HR.

Human Resource’s Role in The Pandemic

In many organizations, HR is depended on to support every employee throughout their professional and personal lives. The importance of this department has only surged over the last year as employees’ working conditions have continued to change with the ongoing pandemic. Things such as employee burn-out have been at an all-time high as many fear losing their jobs in this economic climate, severely impacting work abilities and overall happiness. Human resource partners have also been tasked with maintaining a sense of normalcy while supporting executives who are making the tough decisions to keep organizations afloat. And perhaps the most taxing job has been providing emotional support for all while ensuring the productivity of everyone doesn’t get swallowed in the process.

Human resource employees have been overworked, attempting to develop a balance between supporting employers and employees while also going through the same unprecedented times. HR is being leaned on by all, so who can this department lean on?

The Delta Variant & Ongoing Struggles

HR has been on the front lines of the pandemic since day one and as Covid-19 has mutated, so have the roles of these professionals. During business-as-usual HR is responsible for “managing the employee lifecycle” on top of maintaining company policies and employee benefits among many other functions. Now, they have been asked to help with the transition to a remote work environment and in most HR members cases- deal with challenges and take on leadership roles they weren’t ever necessarily prepared for.

As the pandemic has carried on, human resource employees are now required to manage things such as vaccine protocols, rising healthcare costs, and the new Delta Variant wreaking havoc on plans to return to the office. Other struggles include those associated with the aforementioned employee lifecycle- recruitment of new team members has been difficult, but so has staff retention as many employees are seeking “more” out of their jobs, and whether this means an increased salary, new benefits, or taking on new roles entirely, companies are having difficulty keeping up and it often falls on HR to manage these expectations.

Executives and employees alike are turning to their HR departments now more than ever- waiting on decisions regarding the future and function of their companies. Human resources is spearheading company change and with that comes a need for department support.

How Exude Can Help

From HR Support to Wellbeing solutions, Exude is here to help HR Professionals feel engaged, empowered, and capable of handling whatever comes their way. With help from our trained pro’s, we’re ready to reinforce HR needs in some of the following ways:

  1. Webinars, Events, & Resource CenterWe offer several resources to help guide you through challenging times, minimize your risks and most importantly keep your organization and employees safe. On our website you’ll find webinars, events, and a client resource center that helps you stay up to date on the latest compliance, regulatory, and all other HR information to help put your mind at ease.
  2.   HR OutsourcingWe know that HR Professionals have a lot on their plates, and the roles and responsibilities of the HR function are constantly evolving. Everyday HR professionals are being asked to do more with limited resources and budgets. Exude’s HR Consultants can support whichever HR function you need for however long you need.
  3. Coaching – Are you looking to grow in your role and learn more about how to manage the daily stressors of your job? We’ll pair you with a coach that first starts with listening and understanding where you are, and then identifies paths forward to generate motion in the new direction. Through deep conversation and drawing on years of experience, our Exude coaches guide clients in a healthy, positive, and confidential manner to set HR Professionals up for future success.
  4. WellbeingWe have intentionally developed our services to support the total wellbeing of your employees. Our holistic and integrative approach is designed to positively impact employee engagement, psychological safety, inclusiveness, productivity, morale, and the overall success of your organization.​

Let us be a resource to lean on, fill out the form below and connect today with one of our experts!