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HR Outsourcing During a Pandemic

/ September 4, 2020 September 4, 2020

As the COVID-19 crisis is constantly evolvingso is its impact on business operations. One area of business it’s affecting is human resources. As companies change goals, employees are requiring time off and others are being brought back from furloughs, HR professionals are busier than ever. One way to alleviate some of their stress and allow them to focus on strategic organizational issues is to invest in HR outsourcing. 

What is HR Outsourcing?  

HR outsourcing is a contractual agreement between an employer and a third-party provider of those services. You hire an HR consulting firm or individual contractor to support your business with a very specific project (compensation study, updating a handbook, or review of policies and procedures) or something broader (outsourcing all of your HR work, implementing an HRIS system, or standing up an entire HR function). Outsourcing parts or all of an HR function allows business and HR leaders to focus their time and resources on strategic activities. When evaluating HR outsourcing you must consider if you need a full-time person, project support or part-time help. This should be driven by your organizational budget, size and strategic plans.  

How Can I Successfully Implement HR Outsourcing?  

Choosing your outsourcing partner for HR needs depends on the level of support your company needs. The more you can outsource, the more time you’ll free up for other tasks, such as focusing on running your business. HR vendors vary in their skills and services offered, so it’s important to do adequate research. Ensure your vendor will spend an appropriate amount of time helping your company. Provide them with enough information and details about your organization’s needs and current practices and help them understand your company’s culture. Additionally, prepare your employees about the change and inform them of who to contact for support. Keeping your employees involved will help them feel confident about the transition. 

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