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Five Team-Building Mistakes to Avoid

/ January 10, 2020 January 10, 2020

We’ve all heard the saying: “Teamwork makes the dream work.” As the new year begins, now is the perfect time to reevaluate your company’s strategy. Here are a few mistakes to avoid:

  1. Overemphasizing abstract goals – Setting big goals for your company can help to inspire and uplift employees. However, it’s easy for team members to feel lost when these goals seem too far out of reach. Make sure employees can align collective goals with personal ones to drive performance.
  2. Underemphasizing roles – While having strong talent is important for success, it’s just as crucial to have clearly defined roles. Finding a structure that best leverages your team’s strengths will promote productivity and increase overall growth.
  3. Making too many rules – Having a plan and rules for every possible situation can be overwhelming and ineffective. Instead of planning for every possible scenario, focus on a few key rules that affect things like decision-making, conflict resolution and information sharing.
  4. Ignoring reflection – When a company achieves success, it often forgets to reflect on what went well or what could have gone better. Instead of saving check-ins for your annual retreat, host weekly ones to make sure successes are continued and problems are resolved more efficiently.
  5. Failing to sell change – Your intuition alone may not be enough to create lasting change; without getting others on board with your vision, your plans may fall short. Collaboration is key to any successful project, so make sure to engage co-workers whenever possible.

Ultimately, teamwork is critical to any healthy company culture. Good teaming involves being mindful of how members are working together and making sure to close any gaps. For ideas on how to better engage your employees and enhance your company’s culture, contact Exude for a consultation.


Source: BenefitsPRO