Employee Appreciation Day: Making a Better Workplace

/ March 4, 2022 March 4, 2022

Employee appreciation day is an incredible opportunity for company executives, management, and HR to celebrate the achievements and importance of their employees. There are a number of benefits that come with regular appreciation, employee recognition encourages more engagement across the organization, develops stronger relationships between management and employees and positively affects their communication. The value of kindness within the workplace is immeasurable and contributes to the success of employees on a daily basis.

Recognition not only enhances employees’ professional and personal development, but it also motivates them and their peers to bring the best version of themselves to the workplace. This constructive environment sets the standard of culture within an organization and bring greater business results with it.

Showing Your Appreciation

Employee appreciation can take a number of forms, all effective in their own ways. With an abundance of fully remote employees, appreciation on a more frequent basis has never been more important. Developing creative and inclusive strategies to celebrate employees can be formal, informal, specific, or just a broad gesture of appreciation. Here are a few ways leaders can celebrate their teams whether they are remote or not:

  1. Employee Shout-Outs: Here at Exude, during staff meetings we designate a specific time for team members to give recognition of jobs-well-done to peers. This quick few minutes every month provides an opportunity to show appreciation company-wide and encourages others to do the same.
  2. Personal Calls: On the flip-side of the above, taking a moment to personally reach out to an employee is thoughtful and shows you truly care about the job they’re doing. This can even be as simple as an email, it shares the same sense of personal thanks.
  3. Care Packages: Similar to the welcome package many companies send new employees joining the team, care packages can be a fun way to say “thank you for all that you do”. Adding little things such as snacks and candy or company swag for brand connection are an affordable way to show employees your gratitude.
  4. Host a Happy Hour: Whether it’s virtual or in-person, hosting a happy hour is a fun way to bring employees together to celebrate all their achievements. Good drinks and company is a joyous way to collaboratively celebrate company success and team strength.
  5. Well-Being Hour: Give thanks to employees by giving them a break! Mental health is an on-going struggle for many employees, allowing them time to step away from their desk and do something for themselves can be incredibly rewarding.

While celebrating employee appreciation day is great, making every day an employee appreciation day is the key to having employees that feel celebrated and seen. No matter how you choose to celebrate employees, showing them that their work is valued will bring continual benefits to your workplace!