Personal Development Coaching

Our Approach

Our integrative and holistic coaching program helps leaders make high impact changes to gain the energy, resilience, and presence to live well and lead well. Our unique approach creates sustainable change for leaders in all areas of life. We believe that self-leadership is a pre-requisite to becoming a highly effective leader.

  • Program Audience
    • New managers/high potential leaders
    • Women leaders looking to lead authentically while prioritizing their well-being
    • Leaders from organizations that are committed to creating a positive culture of well-being
  • Experienced Outcomes
    • Increased levels of engagement and productivity
    • Improvement in the quality and depth of communication
    • Effectiveness in positively leading team/direct reports
    • More satisfaction in interpersonal relationships
    • Improvement in total health, wellbeing, and work-life integration
    • Ability to find productive solutions for dealing with stress, conflict, and constant change
    • Ability to authentically model health and well-being lifestyle behaviors for staff
    • Increase in sense of meaning and purpose

Coaching Process

Our coaches meet the client where they are, help them prioritize their goals, support them as they develop, and provide them with customized recommendations for achieving their unique goals.  We also integrate emotional intelligence assessments into the program, such as the Birkman Method & Energy Leadership Index, to help the client identify their stress behaviors, psychological needs, intrinsic motivators, and opportunities for growth and development. The three-month program includes six bi-weekly coaching sessions, and the six-month program includes 12 bi-weekly coaching sessions.

  • 3 Phase Coaching Approach

    Phase I: Intake

    • Initial in person meeting with client
      • Identify key objectives
      • Set expectations
      • Identify goals
    • Completion of the Birkman Method and Energy Leadership Index assessments

    Phase II: Birkman Assessment Debrief

    • After the initial intake session, a 90-minute debrief session will be scheduled to discuss the client’s Birkman Method assessment results
    • The Birkman Assessment is an online tool that measures motivations, behaviors and interests to produce a multi-dimensional, comprehensive analysis of the person.

    Phase III: Coaching Program

    • Sessions are one hour in length and scheduled bi-weekly.
    • Focus topics and objectives for each session will be identified by the Client and Coach
    • 60-minute Energy Leadership Assessment debrief will be scheduled between coaching session 2 & 3
    • Program will also include tools for optimizing physical well-being and self-care (nutrition, movement, sleep/rest) and skills for increasing mindfulness, resilience, and emotional intelligence)

Coaching Case Study

“I feel like my heightened self-awareness has led to a lot of breakthroughs in how I show up as a leader, how I communicate, how I approach challenges and conflicts, how I manage my working relationships both with my boss and my peers.” – Deputy Director & Chief Diversity Officer 


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