Corporate Wellness Program Development

At Exude, we have intentionally developed our services to support the total wellbeing of your employees. Our holistic and integrative approach is designed to positively impact employee engagement, psychological safety, inclusiveness, productivity, morale, and the overall success of your organization.

Because the needs of our clients vary, we have several ways to support your organization. We provide solutions to ensure that employees are receiving ongoing and reinforcing wellbeing support throughout the year.

What Is an Employee Wellness Program?

An employee wellness program is an employer-sponsored program provided to employees as a preventive measure to help counter illness and maintain or improve workers’ general health. It typically focuses on employees’ physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Why Your Company Should Have an Employee Wellbeing Strategy

Your employees’ wellbeing is crucial to your company’s overall performance. Having a wellness program in place provides resources beyond insurance that can help your employees maintain and improve their physical and mental health. These resources help increase employee satisfaction and engagement, improving their overall performance and your bottom line.

Offering an employee wellness program can also help your business remain competitive and attract top talent. Corporate wellness programs have become very popular, so you’re often competing for good candidates against companies that already have these programs in place. What’s more, implementing an employee wellness program can incentivize your current employees to remain on board.

Our Turnkey Wellness Program

One of the most common challenges that organizations face when attempting to develop an employee wellbeing program is sustaining ongoing programming and communication throughout the year. Improving the health and wellbeing of employees requires continuous reinforcement. This is why Exude developed a turnkey solution (complimentary for existing clients) as a foundation to your program.

Our turnkey program includes a monthly newsletter that can be easily forwarded to employees.  Each month focuses on a specific wellbeing topic and integrates resources and webinars that Exude hosts for all employees and dependents to attend at no cost.  We also provide six DIY wellness challenges each year and access to an online library of resources (handouts, templates, surveys, planning docs) that can be utilized for additional programming.

Benefits of an Effective Employee Wellness Program

Prioritizing your employees’ health has short- and long-term benefits for your business. With a good employee wellness program in place, your company can:

  • Curb absenteeism: When employees have the resources to stay healthy and reduce their stress, they are less likely to miss work.
  • Lower health care costs: Helping employees adopt healthier habits like exercising and eating well can lower health risks, leading to reduced health care costs.
  • Improve company morale: Wellness programs make employees feel valued and appreciated, leading to increased feelings of job satisfaction. When employees are happier at work, they’re also more likely to be productive and contribute creative ideas.
  • Increase productivity: Generally speaking, employees who practice positive health behaviors like balanced eating, exercising and mindfulness are more likely to be productive than ones with poor health habits.
  • Strengthen employee recruitment and retention: Many job candidates are strongly influenced by an employer’s health offerings. Current employees also tend to view wellness programs as a significant job perk, helping you retain your talent.
  • Build camaraderie: Some wellness program initiatives allow employees to interact outside of the workplace, such as going to the gym or participating in a company-sponsored sports team. These interactions facilitate closer employee bonds that can help teams work better together.


Our employee wellness training programs are intentionally focused on helping employees develop essential self-leadership skills that positively impact their total wellbeing. All programs and sessions can be customized to meet the needs of your organization.

  • Training Topics Include:
    • Mental Health First Aid
    • Mental Health Awareness: Reduce the Stigma
    • Building Resilience & Preventing Burnout
    • Mindset for Leadership Health & Success
    • Energy Leadership 3-Part Series
    • Leveraging the Birkman for Team Health
    • Developing Emotional Agility
    • Building Sustainable Trust
    • Self-Care for Leaders: Nourishment, Movement & Sleep
    • Teambuilding: Aligning Personal Values and Company Values

Train the Facilitator Programs

Our train-the-facilitator programs will enable a group of your employees to get trained on facilitating wellbeing trainings in-house for staff. Each program topic includes a facilitator’s guide, handouts, additional resources for effective facilitation and a live training session on how to deliver the content.

  • Program Topics Include:
    • Developing a Self-Care Plan
    • Work-Life Integration
    • Nourishing Your Body
    • Mindfulness
    • Resilience & Energy Management

Organizational Wellbeing Consulting

For organizations that are committed to offering an impactful and inclusive wellbeing program, it’s essential to have a plan and strategy that takes into account the entire employee life cycle, including recruitment, onboarding, development, exit and all of the touchpoints in between.

  • Examples Include:
    • Assess all organizational offerings that impact employee wellbeing and provide recommendations on the integration of offerings and communication strategy
    • Development of organizational wellbeing operating plan, budgeting plan, and a 3-5 year program strategy
    • Assess, recommend, and implement inclusive strategies and/or education campaigns that are provided throughout the entire employee life cycle
    • Planning and management of onsite programming (e.g. health fairs) and wellness challenges
    • Development and training of wellness committee (recruitment, role description, onboarding, accountability)
    • Work with key stakeholders/senior leaders in developing strategies for creating a culture of wellbeing that aligns with the organization’s strategic plans and values
    • Vetting and management of 3rd party vendor relationships and/or wellbeing technology platforms

1:1 Coaching Assessments

Our integrative and holistic coaching program helps leaders make high impact changes to gain the energy, resilience, and presence to live well and lead well. Our unique approach creates sustainable change for leaders in all areas of life. We believe that self-leadership is a prerequisite to becoming a highly effective leader.

Learn more about our coaching programs by clicking here.

Leadership Assessments

The Birkman Method

An online social perception, personality, and occupational interest assessment measuring and reporting behavioral strengths, motivations, expectations, stress behaviors, and career profiles. The Birkman Method is an effective personal and professional development tool that can also be used to help increase total wellbeing.

Energy Leadership Index (ELI)

The ELI is an attitudinal assessment tool that captures how an individual currently perceives and approaches work and life. With the awareness and insights gained through the Energy Leadership Index debrief, clients have the opportunity to reshape their attitudes and worldview and “transform who they are.”

Wellbeing Resources

At Exude, we believe in the importance of supporting your employees. In an effort to help our clients and colleagues fulfill that, we’ve created a list of mental health and wellbeing resources and toolkits. Click here to read more.

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Karla Chin, Director of Total Wellbeing

Working Together For You

At Exude, we have a firm belief that when we help your people be the best versions of themselves, your company will be its best. Our integrated approach leverages our team of experts to improve your employee and customer experiences while driving greater business results.

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