Human Capital & Culture

Connecting the dots between People and Culture.

Is your organization experiencing discomfort around culture? Are you struggling with things like employee engagement, turnover in your staff, inconsistent policy application, or general organizational pain? If so, Exude’s Human Capital and Culture assessment can help redefine and recalibrate the strategic HR function within your organization.

Exude partners with your Human Resources team to help raise the bar on the behaviors and expectations of your workforce. To do this, we assess your organization in two phases.

  1. First, we’ll conduct key stakeholder interviews with the leadership team, select staff members and the Director of Human Resources. We’ll ask questions to assess the overall organizational culture and gather information on the HR function. The general culture questions allow you to see how aligned your leaders are around organizational goals and where you may be getting in your own way in regards to barriers to success.
  2. In phase two, we’ll take a look at the fundamental areas of your HR functions. We’ll assess the following areas within your organization to get a better understanding of your current human resources structure and policies and procedures:

Once completed, our Human Capital & Culture team will create a Findings & Recommendations report that becomes a trusted piece of information that can be used to monitor compliance, serve as a work prioritization plan, review employee policies and procedures, evaluate current employment practices against the marketplace, and align HR focus areas to the strategy of the organization. The suggested actions aim to support improved operations and achieve the desired work/culture environment of your organization.

Your organization’s roadmap will vary based on your desired culture, however, common outcomes include increased compliance, engagement, attrition, efficiency, and productivity.

If implementing the recommendations seems like too much of a lift, we can help! Our Human Capital & Culture team will provide an onsite consultant for change management support. They’ll help your organization set up rules and regulations, create resources for employees to reference, create efficiencies around your processes, and communicate all of the changes being made to your staff. With this extra support, your HR team can focus on doing their day to day jobs, and we’ll be there to make the changes needed to create a positive and productive workplace culture.

Why Exude?

At Exude, we operate through a lens of “Organization Health” to precisely determine how best to support your organization’s goals and objectives, and together develop innovative solutions that result in the achievement of your mission. We do this with the perspective of your entire organization in mind so that your strategy, culture, and employee experience are aligned. Because we believe that organizations with better workplace culture yield greater results, we’ll work with you to get your organization to its desired state so that you can see measurable results, business impact, and greater employee engagement.

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Alison DiFlorio, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Human Capital Consulting

Working Together For You

At Exude, we work with our clients to create a holistic, people-centric strategy by assessing engagement levels which are a contributor to organizational success.  Our Philadelphia-based team includes HR experts – however, the power of our deliverable is not in our great individual expertise, but rather when we leverage the knowledge of the team here at Exude and work together as one.

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