Feedback Training Program

Every business encourages departments from top to bottom to strive for greater goals, but you need to know where to start before you can improve. Giving and receiving feedback in the workplace is critical to any organization’s success. At Exude, we host a feedback training program that helps leaders and employees understand how to provide feedback and apply it most effectively. Our programs will empower your business to reach the next level.

Feedback Training Programs From Exude

Our feedback training for managers helps organizations bring the best out of every employee. We’ll teach your management team through detailed lessons that we personalize to suit your organization’s interests. Every member of your team will experience the personal attention they need to become the best leaders they can be.

Through Exude feedback training sessions, your management team will learn to approach feedback with the specificity and empathy it takes to drive the points home and motivate an employee to improve. Plus, your leaders will learn the best ways to teach their teams to accept feedback, retain what they learned and apply it on the job.

Quality Feedback Is Essential in the Workplace

Feedback is an art that takes practice. When you send your staff through training, they’ll learn various valuable skills necessary for productive workplace feedback practices. For the best outcomes, feedback should be:

  • Timely: Whether the feedback is in response to a task or behavior, it should come as soon as possible — provided there has been enough time to prepare meaningful feedback. Praising a job well done is most effective close to the event, as is offering a suggestion for improvement.
  • Specific: Feedback is most actionable when it comes with specific examples that highlight what went well, what could go better next time, what the organization’s desired outcome is and how the employee can come closer to it.
  • Positive: Positive language can both encourage your staff and ensure clarity in your critiques. Be forward with your employees when pushing them to improve. Say precisely what they can do to perform at a higher level instead of beating around the bush with what not to do.
  • Conversational: Employees retain feedback when they are active in the learning process. Always allow room for a response so they can ask questions, offer explanations or give their own suggestions.

Benefits of Feedback Training

A management team that can provide constructive feedback and a staff that knows how to apply the input it receives can benefit an organization in numerous ways. After feedback training with Exude, your company will:

  • Improve employee efficiency and precision in daily tasks.
  • Foster stronger relationships between management and staff.
  • See sustained growth in each employee.
  • Boost revenue while decreasing costs.

Get Started With Exude’s Training Programs

Feedback and performance go hand in hand. Exude is ready to help your company facilitate a culture where feedback is encouraged, welcomed and used to the maximum effect. For more information on our feedback training programs or to schedule a session with Exude, please contact us online today!

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