Risk Management

Our Risk Management Consulting Services encompass a wide variety of services including exposure identification and analysis techniques, as well as helping clients find creative financial alternatives that help improve cash flow and reduce overall costs. Through strategic partners, we can connect clients to loss prevention and reduction tools that eliminate or decrease loss potential.

Our 5-Step Consulting Process:


1. Identify & Analyze

Strategic advice about your organization’s key business strategies including goals and setting benchmarks.

2. Program Design

We develop a program that will protect your assets, reduce your exposures, and deliver cost savings.

3. Market

We create a unique sales pitch for each client that has been shown to attract the best carriers.

4. We Are Accountable

Our internal, independent quality management team monitors for quality assurance.

5. Validate

Using the established benchmarks, we revisit your goals and objectives to gauge if your coverage needs to be modified as necessary.

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Marcos Lopez, Founder & CEO

Working Together For You

We work with our clients in achieving optimal organizational success by ensuring their strategy, culture, and employee experience are aligned. Our team includes individuals in their respective fields – however, the power of our deliverable is not in our great individual expertise, but rather when we work together as one.

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