Diversity Assessments

Our approach to Diversity and Inclusion is to meet our clients where they are in their journey and help them move toward a more inclusive workplace. We know that each organization has its own unique characteristics that need to be considered when thinking through and implementing a strategy so we begin by fully understanding the current culture before making recommendations for solutions.

DEI Surveys

Exude’s DEI Surveys gather employee perceptions on the organization’s current state of inclusivity, bias, belonging, psychological safety, and culture. The insights gained from our surveys enable an organization to identify key themes across different employee segments. Exude can then help you transform the opportunities and issues from Diversity Assesments that may matter most to your employees into an action plan.

Whether you are conducting this survey as a baseline for measuring impact and outcomes or using it to prioritize focus areas for refreshing a DEI Strategic Plan, a DEI Survey is an effective and efficient tool for listening to many people. Each survey includes intake with stakeholders, administration and analysis of survey data, and presentation of findings in an executive summary, and recommendations back to stakeholders. Exude offers two types of DEI Surveys:

  • DEI Comprehensive Survey

    Exude’s DEI Comprehensive Survey is a 30-40 question survey that process generally takes 90 days and only limited raw data is shared.

  • DEI Pulse Survey

    Exude’s DEI Pulse Survey is a quick and effective process that is a high-level approach to surveying your workforce on the current state of DEI. Clients can also use this DEI pulse survey to identify which DEI questions they then want to embed into the regular employee experience survey. This process generally takes 60 days.

Additionally, Exude’s offers two other forms of DEI Assessments: 1×1 Interviews and Focus Groups. Exude has experienced consultants who create very open and safe spaces for individuals or groups to share confidentially and anonymously feedback and input around a very specific set of questions. These interviews and focus groups can be invaluable as a primer to another DEI effort including a survey, training, or even larger focus groups.  Exude has a portfolio of questions that can be narrowed so that the outcomes learned are intentional and specific. The output of this work is an executive summary accompanied by a report out discussion.

DEI 1×1 Interviews

One of the best ways to conduct a listening exercise is focused one-on-one discussions with key influences within your organization. In many cases, our clients use these interviews with ERG and business unit leaders to quickly dig into the current state of the state.

DEI Focus Groups

A very good practice and productive listening exercise that humanizes the listening experience beyond a survey but is more scalable than 1×1 interviews is focus groups.  Focus groups are often designed in phases to be iterative so as to allow key learnings from one set define follow up questions for a second set. In many cases, our clients use focus groups to understand differences and similarities across groups – ERGs, new hires, functional areas, people leaders, and business units.

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Benefits of a Diversity Survey

After the analysis and reporting of your Corporate Diversity Assessment is complete, you will be presented with a findings report. This report will help you:

  • Understand your organization’s current DEI strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Identify differences in employee and leadership perceptions of DEI.
  • Provide direction on what your organization needs to do to close the gap on diversity.
  • Create a baseline for monitoring the effectiveness and progress of your organization’s diversity initiatives.
  • Garner employee ownership and involvement in the change process.

Once these changes are implemented, over time, organizations will see an increase in organizational performance and bottom line as a result of creating an inclusive workplace where employees are able to thrive. Not only will this retain employees, but it will make organizations attractive in the competitive market.

Sample Questions

Our Diversity and Inclusion Assessments aim to find out employee perceptions about workplace culture, compensation, hiring practices and management. They include questions such as:

  1. My talent and experience is valued and respected.
  2. There is diversity at all levels of the department (staff, supervisors, managers, senior and executive managers).
  3. My organization provides training programs that promote diversity and inclusion.
  4. Leaders make time to learn more about people of other cultures and backgrounds (e.g. special issues, social norms, decision-making approaches, preferences).
  5. Everyone is held accountable for creating and maintaining a mutually respectful work environment.


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Exude’s DEI work helps you create a space where people can be their best self…and their whole self. We meet our clients where they are on their journey and provide the needed support to help them reach their goals.

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